From the President's Desk


Mr. Arun Kudale

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It gives me immense pleasure to forward this first copy of our soft bulletin to you.

I expect every one of you to participate and send your articles on any subject you like, in 300 words, for publishing in the bulletin.

You are also welcome to send your poems, memories, stories, jokes, positive suggestions etc. to make your articles more interesting, enjoyable, and legible to our fellow members.

At the outset, I would like to thank you all for electing me unopposed to be at the helm of our prestigious and vibrant Club for the two-year term of President. I take this as a respectable post to deliver the duties generally expected by my extended family. I will keep no stone unturned to meet your expectations and fulfil your dreams to the best of my ability.

The last committee of which I was also a part, and President Bala Hegde have given us a new building, which will attract the younger generation and the old members of our family equally. It will also encourage them to use the club facilities more often. Now we all look forward to the Sports Academy being operative in the new complex. It is not an easy job, considering the financial condition of the Club and the liabilities arising out of this complex. Our Treasurer Sachin Abhyankar and Building Committee Chairman Faizal Poonawala are on the job to study the feasibility of the project and then we will decide when we should undertake this project. 

My mind goes to strengthening the existing facilities as a priority and then going for the new project. We have new and old terrace premises, as well as a Poolside venue to be decorated. The Changing rooms on the Swimming Pool also need upliftment. Boating is a main sport for which our Club was formed. We need to upgrade this facility in every respect. Our VP Dr Yevale is an expert in boating, and he will guide us on how to go ahead in this area.  

This bulletin is our platform to exchange ideas, seek information, to develop wider communication, and comradery amongst us. We intend to publish this bulletin on the 10th of every month. I wish to appoint a bulletin committee if we find five enthusiastic members, who have a flavour for literature. Currently, our General Manager Nawaz will be the Executive Editor. This is an in- house-bulletin meant for increasing communication amongst members. It will be published as a soft copy for circulation through WhatsApp and our website, available only for members. I request members to avoid unpleasant or controversial issues as far as possible. The success of this scheme depends on your constructive participation. Your suggestions are most welcome.

Look forward to meeting you more often.

Arun Kudale


Hon. Secretary Says..

Hon. Secretary

Mr. Machhindra Deokar

Dear Fellow Members,


It is indeed a great honour for me to be selected as an Honorary Secretary of the most distinguished and happening club in Pune second time. I am thankful to President Shri Arun Kudale and the Managing Committee for showing trust and confidence in my capabilities.

As we have started the new Club year under the new President and the Managing Committee, you have noticed new initiatives and strategies to take Club to the next level.

We are coming out of the Pandemic period, and several of us have faced difficult times during the period. Now all restrictions on gathering, and social activities are removed, we can freely organize social and sports events. It will bring new opportunities to work together to make our existence worthful.

Leadership in the Club needs personal participation, and services need personal involvement. The Royal Connaught Boat Club will stay relevant so long we are sensitive to the needs of our Esteemed Members and give our time and resources to make a difference in the services provided to the Members. Every year is an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to the principles laid down in the Constitution and the ideals of RCBC. President and the Managing Committee both are committed to achieving these goals. 

We at RCBC are also committed to strengthening our existing facilities and maintaining a high standard set by the new Poche Hall.  We have an enormous task at the same time to prepare the framework and initial plans for the phase II project – Sports Complex. A dedicated team called ‘Building Committee’ is formed to work on this new project. Members having long construction, planning and execution experience are part of this team.

I wish our Club grows, prospers, and recognized as Best Club in Pune.

With Warm Regards,


Macchindra Deokar

Honorary Secretary

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