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Located on the enchanting banks of rivers Mula & Mutha, the Royal Connaught Boat Club was established during the second half of 19th century. The Club is known internationally and is one of the oldest institutions with a royal lineage.

It has been home to many ace sports personalities and has been providing excellent facilities including training in sailing, boating, rowing and other water & allied sports periodically. Being a crowning glory of Pune, this Club has made Pune proud and is a true symbol of National Integrity where membership is the only bond of fraternity. It is cosmopolitan of convictions, yet genuinely respectful of traditions of different ethnic groups. One clearly notices & feels an enviable confluence of different cultures in our Club. Membership of this Club indicates prestige and exclusivity. Steeped in truly democratic traditions, decency, dignity and decorum are held in high esteem in all matters of interest to the Club.


Presidents Message


Mr. Balakrishna Hegade

Dear Boat Club Family,

Greetings from the President!!

It gives me great pleasure to address you through this column.The Managing Committee understands that the ongoing COVID-19 situation is an unprecedented challenge for everyone, both personally and the members. Our hearts and thoughts go out to RCBC members, colleagues, and families and any infected with the virus.

The impact of COVID-19 has forced organizations from all fields to reconsider their all-important events in 2020, and ours is no exception. With the date for the planned RCBC Budget Meeting scheduled for22nd March, 2020 could not be convened due to lock down. The Annual General Meeting had to be postponed due to the rules and notifications issued by the central/stateauthorities time to time .The election process was also started, considering the rules and notifications issued by the central/state authorities and because of the pandemic situation the election committee has postponed the elections for one year.


Due to this pandemic situation all the club activities were closed from 22nd March 2020, The Club Restaurant and Bar reopened from October 2020. The facilities are being reopened as per the government directives and we assure you to provide better services.All the administrative work has been streamlined appropriately by the Managing Committee in their respective portfolios.EDP department is completely upgraded, new softwaresare installed for the better management of the cluband to provide instant information to the members.

As you all are aware that, new building is nearing completion after the lock down with great difficulties. All contractors are working with the available man power to complete the project. Almost 80% work is finished.We are trying our level best to inaugurate all the facilities of New Building i.e. Air Conditioned and Sound Proof Pocha Hall, Air Conditioned Two Conference Rooms, Air Conditioned Multi cuisine Restaurant, Air Conditioned and Sound proof Lounge Bar, Open to Sky Terrace and Basement Parking at the earliest.

This could be achived only because of your whole hearted support to me, Building Committee and Managing Committee!!

I am indebted to you all and I will try to deliver best of the best to our esteemed club members and their families.

Thanking You,

Balakrishna Hegde
Royal Connaught Boat Club


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