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History of Royal Connaught Boat Club
The Royal Connaught Boat Club was established in  the year 1868 under the name “Poona Boat Club” on the banks of the river Mula-Mutha. Utilizing the lake waters of a Bund constructed in 1850 for just upstream of the Fitzgerald bridge.
Activities performed at Royal Connaught Boat Club
The basic aim of RCBC is to provide an excellent infrastructure for aquatic sports. Pune, which is a sports lovers paradise, was thus an ideal location. Over the years, the Club recognised the need to incorporate other activities under its aegis. The Club today offers with a wide variety of sports for its members.Boating activities have gained an unbelievably humongous momentum in the recent times
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To grace social occasions, the Club offers its patrons the verdant lawns at a nominal cost. The Club also offers its terrace to host parties for the benefit of members.
Tariff Card for other facilities
Type For Charges
Terrace Members & Guests Rs. 3500/- for 4 hrs.
(Rs. 350 for extra hr.)
Pool Side Members & Guests  Rs. 7500 for 4 hrs.
(Rs. 750 for extra hr.)
Lagoon Members & Guests Rs. 1500 for 4 hrs.
(Rs. 150 for extra hr.)
Pocha Hall Members & Guests Rs. 8000 for 4 hrs.
(Rs. 800 for extra hr.)
Conference Hall Members & Guests Rs. 4500/- for 4 hrs.
(Rs. 450 for extra hr.)
Pool View Conf. Hall Members & Guests Rs. 6000/- for 4 hrs.
(Rs. 600 for extra hr.)
Half Pool Side Members & Guests Rs. 2000/- for 4 hrs.
(Rs. 200 for extra hr.)
Outside Conf Hall Members & Guests Rs. 1000/- for 4 hrs.
(Rs. 100 for extra  hr.)